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From its beginning, the Bin Shihon Group has forged business relationships that bring together ideas, technology, products, services, people and capital, growing steadily over time to become one of Saudi Arabia’s largest privately owned enterprise.

Mohammed Bin Shihon founds the clothing business, the first business, to provide whole sale cloths and related services across the Kingdom. Its imported products met the needs of major clients, such as Saudi Aramco and its international contractors in the country.

The Household Division is established in down Jeddah providing whole and retail sale of the finest china, glass and across the line items for merchants and families. It is one of the earliest and largest dealers in this domain. Today it is counted among the top 5 in this line of important business in the Kingdom.

The real estate division is founded as the group’s arm to invest in short and long term land assets, developing some to become high class residential and commercial compounds.

The tire and battery division represents among others, Hankook, united Tires, and the BBG Group FZE. With more than 20% market share, Bin Shihon Group is today the number one tires dealer in the Kingdom. The biggest agent of Hankook tires in the World, it is also its oldest. Similarly Bin Shihon through BBG is the biggest importer of Hangzhou Rubber Company worldwide. Together Bin-Shihon and BBG represent the biggest tire dealers in the Middle East and Africa.

The Group marks its 50th anniversary.

Al Jisr Land Transport Company, a new venture, was established and met immediate success. The company fleet is spread over 200 acres of land that was especially developed as a logistic bus for the truck fleet. At one time, it delivered 3,000 tons of construction sand daily from Bahrain to the Kingdom.

24 December 2007, Mohammed Bin-Shihon passed away. The family business he had started more than half a century ago has been on the rise year by year, and the past decade has achieved new heights of accomplishments. A man who believed in hard work, up to date stance, united with candor and integrity left behind not only a primary group but more important an enduring reputation of trust, buoyancy and self-reliance hard to match in any business milieu.

Following the passing of founding Chairman Mohammed Bin-Shihon in December 2007, his four sons form the Board of Executive Supervisors in charge of managing the Group.

The Trucks and Machinery division is founded as a heavy equipment and trucks company to answer the growing demand in the foreseen contracting and transportation sectors. It is developing as one of the leading truck and machinery suppliers with full range of solutions and services. Its warehouses are the largest in the Middle East.

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